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International Visiting Scholars Program in
Medicine (IVSPM )

International Visiting Scholars Program in Medicine

EduDarpan in Collaboration with Commonwealth Academy
Inviting doctors for the International Visiting Scholars Program in Medicine

About Program

  • Experience and Understand why to choose the UK for PG Medical Studies
  • Gain insights into the functioning of the system.
  • Prepare yourself for observership opportunities. Dive into the UK healthcare scene.
  • Engage in teaching sessions.
  • Connect with peers for a shared learning experience.
  • Dive into real-time classroom settings.


  • Pursuing MBBS/ BDS
  • Intern / Completed MBBS / PG
  • 18 years Age
  • Valid Passport
  • College Recommendation letter

Your PLAB Journey

Explore Our PLAB 1 Course

  • The full syllabus was covered twice with revisions.
  •  Access all classes online for review anytime.
  • Provided regularly for study assistance.
  • Daily Practice Papers
  • Regular Tests: Test your knowledge with frequent assessments.
  • Prepare with 10 to 12 full syllabus mock exams.
  • Engage with lecturers and clarify doubts.
  • Get help via WhatsApp or call after lectures.
  • Convenient Learning: Watch stored lectures at your own pace.
  • Stay informed with professor notes and detailed analysis.

Explore Our PLAB 2 Course

  • Live in-person course at the Manchester centre
  • 12 days cover all PLAB 2 topics.
  • 2 mock tests of 16 stations.
  • Training by experienced instructors 
  • Recommended to attend 10-12 weeks before exam.
  • Access Simman manikins seven days a week.
  • Two free mock tests at our Manchester center.
  • Detailed feedback from examiners.
  • Mock tests with feedback

CPD Courses

Registration Support Services:

  • Assistance with professional registration processes.
  • Guidance on filling out registration forms accurately.
  • Documentation review to ensure compliance with registration requirements.

 IELTS and OET Preparation:

  • Tailored preparation courses for ELTS and OET exams.
  • Practice materials and mock tests to enhance proficiency.
  • Strategies for achieving desired scores in language proficiency exams.
  • Guidance Session & Certificate Ceremony

BLS and ACLS Training:

  •  Accredited BLS and ACLS training programs.
  •  Hands-on instruction by certified instructors.
  •  Certification renewal and recertification options are available.
  •  references provided
  •  100 CPD hours certificate
  •  Full-day career guidance session
  • Weekly online meetings for orientation

 CV Writing Services:

  • Customized curriculum vitae (CV) creation tailored to your career objectives.
  •  Expertly crafted CVs highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements.
  •  Optimization of CV layout and content for maximum impact.

 Research Publication and Support:

  • Support throughout the research publication process from inception to publication.
  •  Assistance with literature review, data analysis, and manuscript preparation.
  •  Guidance on selecting appropriate journals and navigating the submission process.

 Audit and QIP (Quality  Improvement Projects) Support:

  • Comprehensive audit assistance for quality improvement initiatives.
  • Guidance on developing and implementing effective quality improvement projects.
  • Evaluation of existing processes to identify areas for enhancement.

Job Assistance

Job Application Support

Job interview preparation and training

Career Guidance

Medical CV, Application Form & Cover Letter

Gain a competitive edge in recruitment with our personalized CV, application form, and cover letter service for junior doctors.

  • Booking
  • Expert Review: Refinement by an Australian Doctor
  • Three Review and Appointment
  • Interactive Zoom Session: Discuss and understand documents
  • Finalization and Support: Updates with email support

Complete Career Guidance Package for RMOs, HMOs & PHOs Only

Support Sessions:

Individual 1:1 support sessions for an Application form, CV, and selection criteria.Exclusive interview support with personalized 1:1 sessions.

Job Opportunities:

Access to tailored job advertisements and recruitment campaigns for JMOs.

Weekly Live Sessions:

Weekly live sessions for job market updates and motivational insights.

Continuous Support:

Continuous support until securing your medical job.

Access all your learning, portfolio, visa, and documentation needs in one convenient platform. Enjoy unlimited support from our PLAB pathway experts.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive guidance for IELTS/OET, PLAB P-1 & P-2 exams
  • Structured activities for building your portfolio

Streamline your PLAB journey with ease and confidence.


Embark on your global medical journey in the UK with the NHS!

Experience training at prestigious NHS Trust Hospitals with an annual stipend ranging from GBP 30,000 to 55,000.

Skip the PLAB and secure direct GMC Registration.

Receive support for Tier 2 UK Visa, including provisions for dependents.

Assist you with NHS job support and interview training.

Post Graduates

Introducing an exceptional training and career program in the UK for postgraduates in Medicine (MD, DNB, MS, etc.). This groundbreaking initiative offers doctors a unique opportunity to expand their horizons internationally and establish a successful career in the UK.

2 years placement
in NHS trust hospitals

MD/ MS/ MRCP/FRCEM/MRCS/MRCPCH can apply for jobs

Salary: GBP 45,000 to 65,000
per year (UK)

GMC Registration
(No PLAB required)

Who should consider this program?

Our program is designed for doctors from India who have accomplished their postgraduate studies and are eager to kickstart their careers in the UK medical landscape.

Specifically, this program is ideal for

  • Doctors with postgraduate qualifications from India aiming for advanced levels of NHS exposure.
  • Medical professionals aspiring to attain UK certifications, refine their clinical expertise, and contribute to the esteemed UK healthcare framework.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for our international placement initiative, you must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Possess postgraduate qualifications from India in a relevant medical discipline.
  • Have completed medical training conducted in English.
  • Showcase English language proficiency via IELTS or OET examinations.

Selection Process:

  • Submit your CV for shortlisting
  • Qualify for the interview with shortlisted NHS Trust Hospitals
  • Secure placements in the accelerated career programs

MRCP Coaching

Effortlessly Master the MRCP with Our Premier Online Course.

Experience the Superior MRCP Part 1 and Part 2  Preparation Course that has guided numerous doctors from around the globe to success

Duration: 3 Months (4 Days/week)

No. of Hours: 150+ Hours

Delivery: Online Live Sessions

Discover What Our MRCP Part 1 Preparatory Course Offers MRCP Part 1

Our MRCP preparatory course is meticulously tailored to meet the rigorous standards of the exam. Delve deep into core medical specialties such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Oncology, and more. With comprehensive coverage and expertly curated curriculum, prepare confidently to excel in the MRCP examination.

MRCP Preparatory Course Highlights:

Comprehensive Study Material:

Course Content

MRCP Part 2

Discover MRCP Part 2

Prepare yourself for MRCP Part Two with the ultimate online course. After completing Part One, take the next step towards your goal with our comprehensive preparatory program. Streamline your journey and overcome challenges effortlessly with our expertly crafted resources.

Duration: 3 Months (2 Days/week)

No. of Hours: 100+ Hours

Delivery: Online Live Sessions

MRCP Part 2 with Our Comprehensive Program:

Got questions? Find answer here.

The UK offers globally respected medical schools with rigorous training, diverse specialty options, exposure to varied healthcare systems, and pathways to international careers.

International students need a recognized medical degree, English proficiency, registration with the General Medical Council, and the appropriate student visa.

The UK provides structured training with rigorous assessments, research opportunities, and hands-on clinical experiences, preparing graduates for successful medical careers.

Graduates enjoy high demand, competitive salaries, diverse career paths, and opportunities for global mobility with UK qualifications.

The average cost of living in the UK is around £12,000 per year. On the other hand, the average cost of student accommodation in the UK is around £547 for a month if you are not spending too much on your accommodation. London is an expensive city. The cost of living in London for Indian students is higher than in the rest of the UK.

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